Marian Rhys

Technical and Business Writer and Editor

Portland, Oregon area, U.S.A.

Writing and Editing

I specialize in developmental and substantive editing for professionals in the fields of environmental sciences and land-use planning, with a particular emphasis on transportation planning. This type of editing includes:
  • developing an effective organizational structure for the document
  • improving the clarity and flow of the writing
  • identifying and correcting internal inconsistencies
  • basic copyediting and proofreading: correcting grammar, spelling and typographical errors not caught by automated spell-checkers
I can help non-native English speakers improve the grammatical and semantic accuracy of their technical writing—especially important when submitting articles to peer-reviewed professional journals.

I also do technical writing, creating original text for professionals who prefer to have someone else do their writing.

A professional writer can produce more concise documentation, in a shorter amount of time, than a non-writer. Hiring a technical writer can therefore save you time and even reduce the volume of your document, saving printing costs and helping your readers comprehend your material more quickly.


An index can add to, or detract from, the value of a book. While a bad index can frustrate a reader, a good index can help her find what she is looking for, quickly and easily.

A good index:
  • contains a list of the topics readers are likely to be looking for
  • is useful to both the occasional reader (looking for reference material only) and the in-depth reader
  • includes concepts as well as specific terminology
  • indicates relationships among topics
  • is clear, well organized and succinct
A professional indexer can create an effective index that will enhance the value of a book.

Marian Rhys
Technical and Business Writer and Editor

P.O. Box 6004, Portland OR 97228

biz -at- marianrhys -dot- com

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